7 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Sunroom Contractor

Sunroom ContractorWith lots of the beautiful glass and maybe even a glass roof, sunrooms are also designed to invite and harness the natural light, while keeping you safe from the harsh elements too.
According to the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), a sunroom is also defined as a non-conditioned living space with more than the 40% glass.
When done properly & efficiently, the sunrooms are also designed to allow you and your family to enjoy the best of both the worlds. But not all the sunrooms are created equally and the outcome greatly depends on the sunroom contractor you choose.
Instead of being in dark about your sunroom, then continue reading for the 7 costly mistakes to avoid when choosing a sunroom contractor.

1. Choosing a Contractor Based on the Extremely Low Price

When it comes to the sunrooms, you get what you really pay for! Since you want the sunroom to provide the years of enjoyment for your family, then it’s best to make the proper investment for a quality room. According to a survey done & conducted the average cost of the sunroom additions are around $16,315.
However, if one requires the footings and slabs-on-grade foundation, then the Remodeling Magazine estimates a 200-square foot sunroom which can cost up to $70,000. If the potential contractor comes in the significantly lower than these averages, you should be Leary.

2. Choosing a Contractor Only on the Price

One should base your buying decision on as many tangible factors as easily possible to protect your particular investment. Pay attention to the professionalism, quality, knowledge and the appearance of any potential contractor.
One should also pay special attention to what the contractor’s previous customers are saying about them. In the most instances, when a contractor submits a really low bid for a job, then they are inexperienced, sacrificing quality to make a profit on the job and intending on cutting corners.
The best way to protect you and your family is to choose the sunroom contractor based on quality, not price.

3. Choosing a Contractor Who Doesn’t Offer any Guarantee

One should never be forced to pay for a job you are not completely satisfied with at all. However, you may find yourself in this situation if you can choose a contractor who doesn’t really offer any guarantee.
The Contractors who offer the warranties or the guarantees on their work are very confident in their materials and the workmanship. Even if you never redeem with the warranty, it’s still a nice piece of mind. It’s best to avoid these contractors who do not warranty their work.

4. choosing a Sunroom Contractor Who Isn’t really insured

There are these several things which can go wrong with any construction project. A worker could fall off a ladder, a nail could hit a neighbor’s car or someone might suffer a fatal accident on your property.
If anyone were to hire a contractor who is not really uninsured, then you could be held legally responsible for these damages. So avoid placing your family’s financial security at risk and only hire the contractors with the appropriate levels of insurance and the workman’s compensation.

5. Not at all choosing a Local Sunroom Contractor

It’s very important to choose a professional with the working knowledge of the local permitting process, inspection procedures and building codes.
A true contracting professional will have a deep understanding of all municipal building codes and the permit requirements. They will also understand the overall inspection procedures and the relevant timelines. If one chooses a contractor who doesn’t really have this knowledge, then it can result in you spending hundreds or even the thousands more in fines and delays.
You can also avoid all of these undesirable outcomes by choosing a contractor with experience in your area.

6. Choosing a Sunroom Contractor without any Testimonials

Anytime one works with a contractor, then it’s very vital to they have an impeccable reputation. While one can always trust the contractor based on their matter of opinion of their work, then the best solution is to form your own opinion based on the customer testimonials.
Most of the reputable contractors will have a portfolio of the work and a litany of the customers who are more than willing to provide a testimonial about their previous work. If their clients have nothing good to say about them, then how can you expect good results?

7. Hiring an Unlicensed Sunroom Contractor at work

New York is one of the 36 states that require the sunroom contractors to be licensed. Even so, this doesn’t really stop an unscrupulous individuals from the attempting to submit the bids and also perform the jobs. These people are the typically untrained and do not have the skill of a licensed contractor at all.
Anyone who is really serious about their work will have completed the states and the local government’s licensing requirements. If the contractor isn’t really serious enough about their business, they do go through licensure, they are clearly not that determined enough to add a sunroom onto your home.

7 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Sunroom Contractor

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