Big 2017 PPC Trends to Watch Out For – There Is Something For Everyone


PPC can never be boring.

PPC ads underwent some drastic changes in 2016. Right side text ads have almost disappeared. Expanded text ads are the current favorites. Google AdWords, Facebook, and Bing Ads introduced several new and exciting ad formats and features last year.

PPC is a huge hit with digital marketers because of its ability to attract targeted traffic, quality leads, and sales in a short span of time.

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PPC provides results almost instantly. As soon as your campaign goes live, you will start seeing targeted traffic coming your way. Organic methods like SEO take months or even years to produce results. On the other hand, PPC does not improve your organic search rankings. The moment you stop the campaign, the traffic will also cease to come. PPC is short for Pay Per Click. It requires the advertiser to pay for each click they receive.

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Here are some PPC trends for 2017

PPC will surely continue to evolve this year with newer features that are aimed at targeting the right audience at the right time. It is also safe to assume that Google and Facebook will continue to be the leaders in PPC space. If your business is in California, pay per click companies in San Diego can help you manage your PPC campaigns.
The evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) in PPC is another trend to watch out for. This could also be the year when we see massive growth in voice-based search.

Personalized targeting

Marketers have been experimenting with audience targeting features for a while. In 2017 we should be able to see an increase in personalized ads as well. Platforms like AdWords may integrate audience targeting options into their platforms and ads may include interest-based and democratic targeting options. They will also increasingly be targeted by age, devices, and behavioral signs. There are many pay per click companies in Houston that can do the job for you.

Keyword targeting has always been important. In 2017, audience targeting will become equally important. Keyword, audience, and location will all play crucial roles in a PPC marketing strategy. You can try a few pay per click companies in San Diego for keyword targeting.

Video advertising

Video marketing made waves in 2016. It is going to be the norm in 2017 and beyond. Video advertising will give small marketers a great opportunity to connect with their customers on a more interactive and personal level.


Remarketing is all about creating an ad that will follow a potential customer around the web. It works on the premise that when customers see an ad all the time, they will definitely become more interested in it.

Shopping campaigns

Google’s shopping campaigns are already popular. They allow marketers to add additional information like product ratings, prices, and Twitter followers to their campaigns. Social campaigns will rise further in 2017 and may also include features such as local product ratings and nearby product availability.

Experience based advertising

Marketing now focuses on improving customer experience. Experience-based advertising will occupy center stage in 2017. Ecommerce companies are more likely to use experience-based advertising. It allows marketers to showcase their products with interactive ads. These ads make customers familiar with the product even before they make an offer.

Voice search

Voice search has been around for a while. It will continue to make huge strides in 2017 as well. Voice search eliminates the need for users to type in their question. Accuracy rates have increased over the years and now mobile assistants are capable of figuring out what you are saying. In the near future, voice search may get integrated into the

AdWords platform.

All these developments will make PPC campaigns more effective and exciting. If you haven’t launched your PPC campaign yet, you may want to give it a try today. There are several pay per click companies in Chicago that are always the first to leverage the latest developments in the PPC market.

Big 2017 PPC Trends to Watch Out For – There Is Something For Everyone

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