Blue Lough, County Down

This walk provides an easy introduction to the Mountains of Mourne giving a mountain atmosphere whilst following gentle gradients and making use of distinct tracks and pathways. Strong footwear is recommended.

A track leading from Carrick Little car park north into the mountains provides a pleasant start to the Blue Lough walk. A stile at this point crosses the Mourne Wall as it descends from Slieve Binnian to the west and continues east towards Long Seefin. The path continues along the old quarry tracks in open heathland. Much of the route was originally paved with granite slabs and there is evidence of stone working along the way. There are two main track junctions between this point and the Blue Lough, the route bears left at both. This pleasant spot where the path crosses the small fast stream, which exits the blue Lough, provides an opportunity to appreciate the view north east to Slieve Donard, Northern Ireland’s highest mountain.

The rocky slopes of Slieve Lamagan rise close by the north and Slieve Binnian lies to the southwest. These granite mountains are a remnant of an underground chamber of lava which cooled slowly and was later exposed to the air after the layers of rock above it had worn away. A short walk (600mm) further along the track to the col or saddle between Slieve Binnian and Slieve Lamagan provides a birds eye view of Ben Crom Dam and the mountain from which it takes its name. The return route is the same as the outward journey.

Blue Lough, County Down

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