An Effective Festive Graphic, a Quick Up-gradation for Brand Image

Festive Graphic

6 Tips to Design a Powerful Festive Graphic Ad

With festive season starts the out pour off great offers, discounts, and sale. It’s a general conception that the better deal a brand offer, the more attention it gets. But, instead, at times a brand offering something less or even the same deal as its competitors tends to get more attention. How? All thanks to the superb graphics and advertisements design used by them to display festive deals effectively.

Visuals tend to have a greater impact compared to text and voice promotions. A brand can outdo its competitors in the display game by using persuasive graphic designs and thus engaging more customers.

Here are few designing tips, that’ll help brands create a powerful festival graphic –

1. Pay Attention to the Alignment

Whether it’s the text or the images, all needs to be aligned and set in a complimenting manner. A good festive graphic should be well-balanced and at the same time be creative enough to bring customers attention to the focal point, i.e. deals on offer.

For beginners it is a challenging task, as it requires professional knowledge and bulk of experience to get things right. However, with modern day online designing websites this task is simplified. One can avail layouts created by professional artist and use them for creating a balanced festive display advertisement.

• Make sure fonts complement each other
• Images don’t clutter and are easy to recognize
• Information is clearly visible

2. Logo Visibility

Logo is a brand’s face, letting customers know that a particular campaign belongs to so-and-so brand. Therefore, the appearance, visibility, and placement of the logo are very crucial aspects of festival offer ad. Small business or start-ups tight on budget can design or update logo online for free using portals with easy customization tools and modern designs.

• Logo should convey business ideology
• Should have a catchy & memorable design
• Use color, image & text in apt proportion
• Logo should look good in monochrome tone
• Should be visible and look good in all sizes

3. Different Layouts

Let the creative juices flow, part ways from the conventional display graphic templates. Something different, something unique is what catches viewers’ attention and help a brand stand out. Get design inspiration from templates available online and mold them according to requirement. Old definitely is gold, but a little polish is still required to bring back the glamour!

• Choose layout depending on targeted customers taste, it should be relatable
• Pick design complimenting your brand identity
• Festive offers should get highlighted

4. Appropriate Image Display

Let images do the talking, it’s better and helps register graphics for a long time in the viewer’s mind. Pick images that viewers can relate or that keep them engaged. Use pictures of items on offer, advantages customers will derive, or anything that adds value. What also matters is correct placement of these images, as we have discussed in the first point.

• Ensure visibility of image on different ad sizes
• Images should complement the text
• Don’t use flawed images
• Use authentic images, if possible

5. Highlight Key Points

With so many brands hungry for attention, the right amount of focus on keywords brings a brand in spotlight. Remember to highlight words like special festive offer, limited period, mega discount, Diwali dhamaka, biggest sale and similar catchy keywords in the festive graphic. Even the big brands like Amazon and Flipkart accentuate these words in their offline and online festival campaigns.

• Use large font size and recognizable font style
• Eye-catching colors like red and yellow are effective
• Place keywords strategically
• Use border, illustration or vector to add focus

6. Display on Multiple Platforms

The reach of the festive offer design is what makes the campaign powerful. Show your advertisement on every possible online and offline platform. Go for designing websites like Canva that allows users create graphics in different layouts like for Facebook post, Instagram, Twitter, social media, banner etc.

• Display ad on platforms where engagements of targeted customers in maximum
• Make sure ad design fits properly on shared medium

A smart mix all the above mentioned six ingredients, will help you create an effective online/offline ad for the upcoming festive season. So, open a fresh layout, start designing and get the festive mood rolling!

An Effective Festive Graphic, a Quick Up-gradation for Brand Image

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