How To Straighten Your Teeth With Metal Braces and Still Look Good


Whether you’re a kid, teenager or adult, there may come a time when you’re told that you need to get braces. While the end result of braces will be a beautiful, healthy smile, and properly aligned teeth, getting to that point may not be a lot of fun. While straightening teeth with metal braces is fairly common – even among adults – it doesn’t mean those who wear braces want them to be obvious and noticeable.

So today we’re going to discuss and your can get straighter teeth with metal braces and not being embarrassed to wear them.

Change your appearance. If you like to dress in bold fashion, it can help to draw people’s attention away from your mouth. Think about the things you’ve always wanted to try, including new hairstyles, new clothing styles and/or new accessories. Yes, these things may catch people’s eyes, but if you are authentic in expressing yourself, the attention will not be negative.

Wear accessories. Try wearing an interesting hat, a classy pair of sunglasses, or a flashy scarf. Wear a different style of clothes and try a new trend. Put on a t-shirt that is different from your regular attire. Wear temporary tattoos, and use jewelry to distract from your braces.

Use makeup and hairstyles to distract from your braces. Put your hair into a new and exciting hairstyle – or get a bold haircut! Apply your eye makeup in a colorful, catchy way. Apply sparkly or dramatic eye shadow that takes the attention away from your mouth and to your eyes, but don’t use too much. Avoid wearing lipstick that is too bright, as it will draw all the attention towards your mouth.

So now that you know how to make your metal braces look good, let’s talk about how to care for them properly.

Stick to an oral care routine. It’s not just about straightening your teeth with metal braces – it’s about making a practice of taking care of your teeth. If you maintain your oral hygiene, your braces will have a much more positive effect upon your appearance when they are removed.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Always brush your teeth in the morning and at night to remove all of the little pieces of food that can get stuck between your teeth because of your metal braces. For a cleaner mouth, try using an electric brush, accompanied by mouthwash and floss. Whenever you’re away from home but you want that perfect, clean smile, use mouthwash.

Floss each day. Flossing will not only make your mouth feel and look cleaner – it will help prevent inflammation and gum diseases like gingivitis. Flossing is essential when you have braces. It can be challenging to floss, but it can be easier if you use waxed floss or dental picks.

Follow your diet strictly. If you make progress, your Las Vegas orthodontist might be able to remove the braces early! Don’t eat sticky food – it could get stuck in your braces, and that doesn’t look great.

You may not be too happy with the fact that you have to get braces, but rather than thinking of ways to hide your braces, show them off! If you want to know more about how you can get a straighter smile with metal braces, call our office today to schedule a consultation!

How To Straighten Your Teeth With Metal Braces and Still Look Good

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