Why Trenchless technology is so important for sewer pipe lining in South Pasadena, CA?

sewer pipe liningFor many years, homeowners in South Pasadena had to tolerate with the expenses, inconveniences and the longer waiting times involved in sewer line repairs. They can’t be blamed, as the use of conventional methods was the real nightmare! Even a slight sewer line issue involving underground pipes required people to be hired to do massive excavation, which was quite costly.But today, Trenchless technology now facilitates seamless and convenient sewer pipe repairs. Below are some of the reasons why this tech is so important for sewer pipe lining.

It’s a Cutting-Edge Technique

Trenchless technology may seem to be something relatively new to many homeowners in South Pasadena. The fact is this technology has been in use for more than 15 years. This is quite a long period, meaning that the technology has been tested and proven over the years to be effective and outlasting compared to the conventional method. The technique is even much more valuable where avoidance of destructive digging is a priority, as it only involves the use of cameras, a hydraulic system, and other specialized equipment to perform all pipe lining work.

It’s Time Saving

A damaged sewer line can’t wait for long before the situation becomes unbearable and neighbors come knocking on the door. In fact, open sewers are a health hazard for the spread of waterborne diseases, and that’s why they require an astute response to fall them back in position.The good news is that Trenchless technology reduces response time, as its installation process is swift and less time-consuming compared to the traditional methods. Therefore, this tech works in favor of thewell-being of allSouth Pasadena residents.

No Digging is Involved

Using Trenchless technology, sewer pipe lining requires much less digging compared to the traditional method. Only two holes are dug for pipe entry and exit, meaning the entire ground, which the pipe passes,remain intact without damaging any structures along the repair line. After the whole proceed is done, the two holes are filled with the same soil that had been excavated –giving the place the same look it originally had.

Less Costly and Involves Fewer Expenses

Sewer pipe liningis an affordable option for everyone in South Pasadena. Although the upfront cost can appear overwhelming depending on the length of the sewer line being repaired, in the long run, it is less costly because installed pipes are resistant to corrosion and won’t allow tree roots to penetrate. Additionally, the installation process doesn’t require a huge investment in human labor to dig up the ground, unlike the traditional method, which even inflated labor costs when digging up harder grounds.

It’s Environment-Friendly

It is an established fact that traditional ways of excavating to repair broken sewers destruct the environment. Moreover, it is often regarded as an antisocial behavior (ASB) because it not only disrupts the surrounding land but also contributes to a higher risk of sewage exposure. However, Trenchless technology in sewer pipe lining is a great reprieve for South Pasadena residents because it is non-invasive, protective, and avoids contaminants during the whole process.

Bottom Line

Trenchless technology relies on two methods, the pipe lining and pipe bursting. Having discussed the pipe lining solution, the above five reasons solidly back up why Trenchless technology is so much important for South Pasadena sewer repair.

Why Trenchless technology is so important for sewer pipe lining in South Pasadena, CA?

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